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Concrete & Driveway repairs

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Uneven, chipped, spalling & crackes concrete repairs for all types of concrete
For some applications the physical loads tend to wear away the concrete instead of breaking it. For roads, parking garages, driveways, and industrial floors the hardness and wear resistance of the top layer of concrete will determine how long the structure lasts. Our regular maintenance and sealing services ensure your concrete lasts as long as possible even in colder conditions.

Concrete washing & sealing

Concrete sealers will make your concrete more resistant to weather exposure, water, grease and oil stains, abrasion and deicing salts. What’s more, they will help to bring out the natural beauty of your concrete and make it easier to clean. But in order for a sealer to work its magic, it must be applied properly. Each step, from surface preparation to choosing the right application tool, will have a big impact on the final outcome.

Foundation crack repairs & Water proofing

Best Crack repair and water proofing contractors, Serving Edmonton & surrounding Areas

Cracks in concrete foundation walls are a major problem in North America. But what makes already cast concrete foundation to crack? This process starts immediately after the casting of the concrete and generally continues until the third year. The soil underneath is still movable and it lends itself. Concrete cracking starts from the base, and in almost all cases up to the top of the foundation wall. Once cracked, the wall is an open door for moisture, leaks, mold and unpleasant odors in the basement, and a favorite place for different insects. Get foundation cracks repaired and sealed Today! Our services are available across Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Epoxy coatings

Multiple colors available please Contact us for further details.

Orleski construction Ltd. is the leading expert in Edmonton and surrounding cities for epoxy coatings. We work with structural steel, tank linings, pipe work, mechanical equipment, floor coatings, and just about any other application in an industrial or commercial setting. Our epoxy coatings are designed to provide corrosion control with an attractive watertight finish. Our epoxy coatings Edmonton team can provide solutions that are durable and suitable for immersion.

Asphalt sealing, Asphalt crack filling, Asphalt patches

At Orleski Construction Ltd, we are industry’s best asphalt sealcoating and crack filling services in Edmonton. Sealing cracks in the surface of your asphalt is very important. If a crack or hole is left unrepaired and unsealed, water can seep into the surface and cause more damage and cracking to occur. At Orleski Construction, we can seal your surface by spraying an asphalt-based waterproofing material on the surface of your asphalt.

Expert Services for Parking lots

  • Asphalt Sealing
  • Asphalt Crack Repair
  • Pothole Repairs
  • Line Painting 
  • Parking Lot Cleaning